At the biggining of 1990's Ferdinant Sargsyan started the construction business,  he was doing construction also was doing wholesale construction materials. During his working period he had big respect in the region and all his parrtners where appriciating his work style and his professionalism, he was private enterprenuor. 

Years after he included one of his grandchildren to his business, shared all the knowledge and experience that he had with him, there were working as a team, he was great isperation for his grandson. Years later in 2001 he died from heartattack. 


His work continued the grandson, he had young age and for his years he did a great work. 

In 2003 he opened his own company whish he called "SaFe" which means Sargsyan Ferdinant he devote the comany name to his beloved grandfather, the grandson name is Gegham Baghdasaryan, during couple of years it became one of the famous companies in the region. His bother and father also join him in the company also his name. It became family business. Gegham always was follwing the traditions and the expience that he had from the grandfather but as he is perfect businessman he was creating something new, having a lot of original ideas for business development.


In 2008  he extand the activities of the company adding to those the construction of furniture, windows and doors, year after the comapny was duing sale of brend cement, constrution of blocks, prodution of cement plocks and it became offically construction company. Gegham rename the company to SaFeG Group LLC.

He was working on the expention of the company also to outside of the country and he chose Spain. In 2011 he opened the company also in Spain SaFeG Group SL, which does the construction of villas, bungalows, hotels, offices, resturants in all over the Spain.

In his future plans to extention of the company, finding the new partners, win the new markets and extension of activities. He is very creative and always looking for means to realize his ideas.

He as person and also the company have a lot of local and international prizes and awards as a sign of respect and perfect done job. For expample this year he had a prize in  "European Quality" award.

Gegham Baghdasaryan was born in 1983. In 2000 he entered the Armenian State Economic Universtiy, to faculty "Finance and credit". He finidhed his strudy in 2005 and get the profession of economist. During his study he was warking in company of his grandfather and already was solving important issues. He create SaFe when he was 4th year student. Gegham got many local and international awards in business improvement. He is single © 2011 All Rights Reserved